Vaping is defined as the process of breathing in and out of vapor released by a vaporizer like this. The number of vapers has increased to approximately four million because this has become a solution for smokers. Vapers undergo side effects, however, such effects are manageable.

Headaches are very common when it comes to vaping. The nicotine used has been associated with such a side effect. If you are a beginner in vaping, it is advisable to start with a very low percentage of nicotine. Working your way up in terms of nicotine levels is the best solution. Research has indicated that if nicotine levels are reduced, those having headaches get relieved.

Most e-liquids are composed of a compound known as propylene glycol (PG) which is synthetic and organic in nature. This has been associated with headaches among many vapers. A headache will come up when you are dehydrated. Propylene glycol has an effect of dehydration and it will leave you complaining of a headache.

Increase your water level intake so as to rehydrate and you will be relieved. Some people become very sensitive to propylene glycol hence developing a vaping headache. It is advisable you select an e-juice containing at least 50% of vegetable glycerin (VG) and you will be relieved. Always ensure you maintain the vegetable glycerin content at a high level.

Poisoning related to nicotine is another factor leading to headaches amongst vapers. However, it has been determined to be rare for such levels of poisoning to be attained in vaporers. Knowledge is power therefore it is important to be aware of this headache possibility. You should be geared towards preventing or reducing headaches during vaping therefore always select vegetable glycerin. However VG is associated to cause some allergies, it is far much better than PG.

Having been able to adjust chemicals that result in headaches, there is still another responsible factor. The duration of vaping sessions determines the amounts taken into your body. Excessive pulls of nicotine can result in headaches and vice versa. If you decide to terminate a vaping session, a resolution will be attained.

Understanding how vaping compounds can affect your health is also very important. The vaping experience has changed the life of many past smokers globally. Having the right information is a prudent thing you can work towards so as to avoid vaping misconceptions. Always go for a high-quality product and adhere to the outlined guidelines. Good products will have unnecessary risks unlike those with a low grading.

In rare scenarios, headache relieve may not be achieved after making all the outline changes. The headache may be accompanied by other effects. If you find yourself in this dilemma, kindly rush to your physician for further management.


Individuals who do vapors mostly have headache challenges in their journey to quit smoking. If you fall into this category, embrace the discussed guidelines so as to avoid headaches. It is paramount to precisely understand what you are taking and in what amounts. Recovery from headaches is your main aim therefore take action now and say goodbye to this Vaping side effect.