While popping in that pain reliever to alleviate you from migraine, depending too much on it or popping more painkillers can create another migraine for you to suffer from, which is less responsive to medications.

What is medication overuse?

This is simply becoming drug-dependent when treating migraines. While it is true that most OTC pain relievers, mefenamic acids, and even aspirin pills can alleviate migraines, depending too much on it when the pain strikes back could totally make it even more painful. These types of medication are known to wear off over time and would likely dictate your body to take in another in order to relieve yourself from migraine.

How much medication should I really take?

The drug type variates the number of days in a month you are allowed to take the medicine. It is noted that simple analgesic meds like Ibuprofen would constitute an overdose when taking it beyond 15 days within 3 months. For combination medications like Excedrin, it is limited to only 10 days every month.

Preventing overuse in medication

It is good to note the number of days you have taken medication to combat migraine. However, make it a limit of 3 days before you start consulting a physician should the medicine do not fully cure the headache.