Does caffeine cause headaches? Most people who take coffee, tea, Coke, or any caffeinated drinks complain about getting a headache when consuming them. However, some of them also claimed that their cup of coffee relaxes their head from the painful throbbing. Others suffer headache from their lack of coffee, or caffeinated drinks, throughout the day. The key here is to understand how much caffeine can trigger a headache.

Let us remember that caffeine is also an active ingredient in several pain relievers. This is to keep those who take it less drowsy compared to those who take non-caffeinated pain relievers. The bottom line of this inclusion is to bring in the active substances that serve as a medication rather than being a treatment itself.

Also, caffeine is factored according to the type of headache one experiences. For example, those who are experiencing episodic migraine may need to completely let go of caffeine. Also, those who are using caffeine as relief from headache could make one suffer from medication overuse.

The cause-versus-relief property of caffeine in response to the headache varies in every person. There are a lot of factors to be considered when caffeine triggers the headache in one and cures the other.