Chronic headaches can usually lead one to become depressed. However, depression can also cause headaches when you do not seek treatment. In both cases, they are treatable by medical professionals.

If you think your depression causes you to experience chronic headaches or giving you a migraine, approach your physician about it. He or she can help you understand your situation and formulate a treatment scheme that you can follow to alleviate yourself from the headaches while making yourself better and less depressed.

Give yourself care and attention when you get to experience both. This is the best time to take care of yourself by seeking medical advice. Also, never get tempted with OTC pain relievers until you have your doctor’s go signal.

Depression is not an enigma to be feared. Rather, it is something that can be embraced and cured at the same time. It is common for those who have depression to experience bouts of headaches due to the overthinking sensation the condition brings. However, this is not proven to be the cause. The need for medical advice is to pinpoint whether there are other major causes of your headaches that could escalate into a migraine and could retaliate on your negligence and make you suffer longer than you have feared.